Suzanne Forman is a teacher who consistently fights for what's right for kids. A courageous educational leader who can always be counted on to step up to the most pressing challenges of her profession, Suzanne is not afraid to question authority when the best interests of children are being ignored.  As a high school Language Arts teacher, Suzanne is on the cutting edge of best practice instruction and is an admired curricular leader in her district. As a parent educator, she is widely read and respected in her community. As a writer, she combines the best of contemporary classroom teaching with a practical real world perspective.


Get to Know Me

Here's a bit of info about who Suzanne is, what she's done, and what she believes about teaching and learning. If there's anything else you'd like to know, send her an e-mail at


Suzanne's Bio, Philosophy, and Resume


The Battle Over Homework

At one point or another, everyone struggles with homework. How should parents interact with their children and with teachers to make homework as valuable and as stress free as it can be?


Avoiding Casualties in the Battle Over Homework


Children, Choices, and Challenges

The choices we model for our children can be the most powerful parenting tools we have. But making the right choices isn't easy even when we know what choices we should make. Here's one way of dealing with a challenge all parents face.


Making Tough Choices for Your Children